Stockholm Attraction Tickets

Why To Visit Stockholm?

Known for its beautiful waterfront promenades and harbors, Stockholm is made up of 14 islands with beautiful bridges and walkways connected to many islands in the city. From the 17th century buildings to many minimalistic structures, you can witness stunning architecture in the city just with your Stockholm Pass. Stockholm is also known for its greenery and natural beauty which you can witness in Djurgården or the Kungsträdgården, located north of the Parliament House.

One of the best ways to explore the city is by getting a Stockholm sightseeing pass where you can visit some of the city's top attractions.One of the top destinations to visit in Stockholm is the Gamla Stan which is an old town dating back to 1252. You can visit the cobbled street located in the Royal police and other attractions like the Nobel Museum, Stockholm Cathedral, and other museums. You can also head over to the city square and visit many cafes and restaurants and enjoy authentic cuisines. Stockholm is famous for its strong coffee, cinnamon bun, and a dessert called “chokladboll” which is a chocolate ball coated in coconut. Another major attraction in the city is the Stockholm subway which is the ‘World’s longest art exhibit’ with 110 km of subway network. Here, you can witness many sculptures, paintings, engravings, mosaics, and art by more than 150 artists.

Day Tours In Stockholm

You can use the Stockholm City Pass to go on day tours and explore the city. One of the most famous day tours is the Red Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Bus & Boat where you can spot many iconic sights from both land and sea. You can also explore Stockholm with a 3-hour Glance Bike Tour with a local guide who will take you through all the important landmarks in the city. If you are looking for something exciting you can go on a 2-hour Stockholm City Kayak Tour or The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour where a local guide will take you through all the haunted places in the city. If you are keen to know the history of the city, you can go on an Old Town Tour of Stockholm and a Viking History Full Day Tour from Stockholm. Another popular day tour is Stockholm Food Tour where you can taste the local cuisine and other delicacies.

Top Experiences In Stockholm

One of the top experiences you can have with the Stockholm Pass is riding on the Stockholm Archipelago Cruise. You will sail and visit multiple islands and learn more about its history from the local guide on the cruise. Enjoy the vibe of the city by going on a Stockholm Bridges Sightseeing Cruise or the Stockholm Royal Bridges and Canals Cruise which will take you through picturesque landscapes.

The Wildlife Safari Small-Group in Stockholm is also an amazing experience to immerse yourself in nature. You can also go on the Evening Wildlife Safari from Stockholm and hike your way in the forest or go for the off-trail nature Stockholm Hike and look at local bird life, moose, and beavers. You can use the Stockholm City pass and go on a Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Boat and spot many iconic attractions from both land and sea.

Stockholm Attraction Tickets

The Stockholm Attraction Tickets gives you access to some of the most popular museums in the city such as Paradox Museum Tickets where you can experience the largest collection of paradox-based exhibits in the world. Use the Stockholm Pass to visit the Youseum Selfie Museum where you can pose for photos and explore many interactive elements. Another interactive museum you can visit with the Stockholm Attraction Tickets is the Avicii Experience.

You can also visit the Vrak Museum of Wrecks and experience the world’s only preserved 17th-century warship. Other attractions like Fotografiska, Nobel Prize Museum, Skansen Open-Air Museum Tickets, and the ABBA Museum can also be visited with the Stockholm Pass.

Plan Your Visit to Stockholm

Essential Information
Getting Around & Areas
Travel Tips
Other Essential Information
  • How To Reach Stockholm:

1. By Air: The major international airport in Stockholm is the Arlanda airport which is connected to many international cities in Europe and the United States of America and many domestic cities in Sweden.

2. By train: One of the most convenient ways to travel to Stockholm from any other city in Sweden is by train. The Stockholm rail network is connected to many domestic and international cities like Copenhagen, Oslo, and Narvik.

3. By ferries: You can head to the city by Stockholm waterways as there are many boats and ferries which connect to Finland, Estonia, and Helsinki.

  • Best Time to Visit Stockholm:

The best time to visit Stockholm is from June to August as the weather is pleasant and days are sunny. The weather is ideal for many tourists as you can indulge in many outdoor activities such as hiking or going on a cruise.

  • Getting Around in Stockholm:

1. Subway: Stockholm has an excellent underground network with over 100 stations and runs every day with trains every 10 minutes. There are three color-coded lines that split into different branches of the city. You can also download the SL app which has all the information about Stockholm’s unified public transport network and plan your journey.

2. Train: You can use the commuter train network in Stockholm which is one of the major transport hubs and is connected to Stockholm central station.

3. Bus: One of the most common ways to travel, the bus service world around the clock even when all the other public transport systems are shut down. You can use the SL public transport app to learn more about the bus timings and know about the delays and bus timings.

4. Trams: There are many tram lines that connect to Stockholm’s outer suburbs. One of the most used tram lines for tourists is line 7 which will take you to Djurgården island. There are two stops in the city, Hamngatan, and Nybrokajan, which are a short walk from Kungsträdgården or Östermalmstorg subway stops.

5. Ferry: You can use the SL network cards to commute from ferries. You can buy ferry tickets on the SL app and the Waxholmsbolaget ferries run to the archipelago.

6. Cycle: Stockholm has 100 km of bike lanes and you can easily visit many tourist attractions on a bicycle. You can easily rent a bicycle or an electric scooter at many rental shops in the city.

  • Best Areas to Stay in Stockholm:

1. Gamla Stan (Old Town): Located in the heart of Stockholm waterways, the old town is between Norrmalm and Södermalm and is known to have beautiful views of the harbor. The place is within walking distance of many attractions like the Kungliga Slot, the Nobel Museum, and Stockholm Cathedral.

2. Norrmalm: Located in the center of the mainland, Norrmalm is connected to a lot of metro lines and is within walking distance from attractions like the Royal Opera House, the National Museum of Sweden, Oceanbus, and the Centre of culture.

3. Södermalm: Located in the southern part of the city, this is one of the most popular and trendy areas in the city. The area is very near to attractions like City Museum, Tantolunden Park, and Långholmen Island.

  • You can go cashless: Stockholm is nearly a cash-free city and many restaurants, shops, and hotels mostly accept debits and credit cards.

  • Visit the museums for Free: Most of the museums in Stockholm do not have an entrance fee and you can witness many temporary exhibitions without taking any entrance ticket.

  • Do not forget to Try Fika: Stockholm has many amazing cafes and Fika is the Swedish coffee and cake which is one of the most popular afternoon snacks.

  • Use the SL App: You can download the Stockholm public transport app which will help you know about the bus, ferry, tram, and train timings and the app will be updated even if there is a slight delay.

  • Visit the Subway: The subway in Stockholm is the longest art exhibit in the world and you can also go on a free guided tour with a subway ticket and look at the work of over 150 artists.

  • Weather: Stockholm has average weather all year round. The summers are warm and comfortable. The winters are long and cold and the average temperature varies from 22°F to 72°F

  • Language: Swedish and English

  • Time Zone: Stockholm follows the Central European Summer Time

  • Budget: If you are a backpacker, you can spend 825 SEK per day by living in a hostel dorm and using public transportation. A mid-range budget is around 1600 SEK every day with private hostel rooms, with Stockholm Travel Pass. If you are on a luxury budget you can spend 2,330 SEK, and stay in a good hotel and spend on luxury travel.

  • Currency: Stockholm uses krona SEK

  • Visa: You can apply for a Schengen visa to visit Stockholm.


How many days is enough to see Stockholm?

If you get the Stockholm Travel Pass you can use it to visit all the major attractions and landmarks of the city which will take you around 3 days.

What is the best time to visit Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is from June to August as the weather is pleasant and days are sunny. The weather is ideal for many tourists as you can indulge in many outdoor activities such as hiking or going on a cruise.

What can I do in Stockholm on a budget?

You can go on a free walking tour and look at many iconic landmarks and attractions. Most of the museums in the city do not require an entrance fee. You can also get a Stockholm Pass which will help you visit many tourist attractions in the city at a discounted rate.

Why should I book Stockholm Experiences Online?

Stockholm is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden and tickets mostly tend to get sold out. One of the best ways to experience a hassle-free vacation is to skip the long queues and save a lot of time.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the day trips in Stockholm?

Yes, one of the best benefits of booking tickets online is that you can choose between many combo deals of day trips and enjoy good discounts and offers. You can buy the Stockholm sightseeing pass and enjoy access to all the prominent attractions of the city.

Is Stockholm expensive?

Yes, Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, you can save a lot of money by booking tickets online, using public transportation, and buying a Stockholm pass to visit many places in the city.

Is Stockholm worth visiting?

Stockholm is a very beautiful city with beautiful harbor waterfront promenades. The city has 14 islands and a plethora of attractions that you can visit with Stockholm City Pass.

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